By Elly Katahinga

in Ntungamo—

moslems celebrating idd in uganda today
moslems celebrating idd in uganda today

The Ntungamo district Qhadi SheikhSwalleh Kashangirwe has appealed to Muslims in the district to eliminate divisions within mosques and pave way for proper Islamic development which he said is fundamental in catching up other religions.

He said Islamic in fighting has caused them to lag behind other religions despite the increasing number of Muslims world over and without ironing out differences, they still will be behind.

He further appealed to Muslims to fight for their position in society and take on government on their cake for political positions also appealing for peace.

Sheikh Kashangirwe was preaching during the Eid El Fitr prayers at Ntungamo district Mosque today. He said Muslims needed to realize what they pass through and use it as hardening for their survival

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