By Elly Katahinga

in Ntugamo—-

The Ntungamo District woman MP Hon. Beatrice Rwakimaari has expressed dismay over the corruption and shoddy work that is eating up the district saying it has frustrated Ntungamo to transform into middle income status.

According to Hon. Rwakimaari the district will not take any step forward unless civil servants and political leaders are transparent, accountable and able to play their roles diligently without accusing each other.

She made the remarks yesterday 24.10.2016 during the Ntungamo District Budget and planning conference for financial year 2017/2018 held in the District council Hall.

Hon. Rwakimaari was not happy found out that the Ntungamo district failed to utilize government funds where 109m shillings was returned to the treasury when the district is failing to extend service delivery to the public.

She blamed this to political leaders who fail to cooperate with civil servants to plan and monitor for government programs noting that as MPs they will not lobby for other funds when they are failing to put in use the resources in the district.

Hon Rwakimaari also tasked all duty bearers to curb the rampant school drop outs due to early marriages and teenage pregnancies which may hamper government target of girl child education.

In his response, the RDC Ntungamo Justine Mbabazi challenged all civil servants to work together and show the value of money while implementing the government projects or risk losing the jobs.

RDC Mbabazi also asked local leaders to respect each other and monitor projects in the areas of their jurisdiction to eliminate shoddy work citing 5 stance Pit latrine in Omungyenyi.

The Chairman LCV Ntungamo Denis Singahache appealed to all stakeholders to forget the past and work for the unity and development of the district in abid to attract more income generating projects.

Singahache assured them that the district is to revamp communal work commonly known as Burung Bwansi for the betterment of the district to reduce on expenditure.

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