By Elly Katahinga

In Ntungamo—

A heavy hailstorm on Tuesday 01.11.2016 hit seven villages in Ntungamo municipality destroying plantations and gardens of crops worth million of shillings.

Reports from Kyanju I , Kikoni, Kabahambi, Kabagyenda, Cell 8, Cell 9 and Cell 3 indicates that over 1000 families were left with nothing to eat since most of them were devastated in heavy rain lasted of 1hour.

However, the most hit village was Kyanju I where gardens of beans, cassava, maize, coffee and banana were destroyed.

By the time our reporter arrived in Kyanju I some of the hailstones were still visible on the ground which forced the affected residents led by LCI chairman Mukungu Wilson and Area councilor Mugume Erias carried the basins of hailstones to the office LCV and CAO Ntungamo District seeking for assistance.

The LCV chairman Ntungamo District Denis Singahache urged the government to extend relief items for the affected villages.

Singahache comforted the residents promising them to write to the office the prime minister to come and assess the degree of devastation.


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