By Elly Karenzi
in Ibanda—
Police in Ibanda have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his wife.
The Ibanda district police commander SP Denis Ochama has identified
suspect as Posiano Kakama of Kashangura in Kagongo division Ibanda
According to the DPC, the suspect got a domestic quarrel with his late
wife Ninsiima Mary 34 that resulted into a fight and led to the death
of the wife.
Talking to Posiano, he said that on 27th of November, he left meat with
his wife for sell at te cost fo 140.000UGX but e found his wife with 130.000UGX
and she used 10.000UGX to drink alcohol.
When he asked his wife, wo was drunk they started fighting where he
hurt her with a broken glass of bottle.
The deceased over bled and died after reaching Kagongo hospital. DPC Ochama says investigations are going on and te next step will be communicated.

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