The mitooma district national resistance movement (NRM) chairperson Mr. Wiberforce Muhangi Byaboneka  has said that  corruption has increased in the district because of poor governance by district leaders.

Wilberforce with sub county chairmen visiting construction site for police and court head quarters.

Wilber force said this at the district head quarters yesterday while meeting 24  sub-county NRM chairpersons and sub-county LC 111 chairmen from the district.

He said that some civil servants of Mitooma have resorted to taking bribes from residents rather than rendering services to them.

He said that they have received complaints from big offices at the district where senior officers at the district ask people money to give them services.

“We have got information where some senior civil servants ask people money to give them services and yet they are paid by government, we are making investigations and they may end up being taken to court”

However the mitooma district NRM registrar  Esaul Nuwagira attributed corruption to poor political leaders.

He says top political leaders have resorted to fighting each other rather than working for the people who voted for them.

One of the mitooma district chairman from Kashenshero sub-county stressing a point

“Its true there are corrupt civil servants in the district but political leaders who are supposed to  supervise them  are fighting each other and we may end up losing district dignity” Nuwagira said

There have been grievances between former Mp Ruhinda Maj. Gen Kahinda otafiire and the district chairman Benon Karyaija which has resulted to councilors moving a motion to censure their chairman.

The minister of local government Col. Tom Butiime set up a tribunal aimed at hearing and passing judgment on the claims by district councilors led by Godwin Muzoora[mutara sub-county council].

The tribunal led by justice David Matovu was supposed to resume work from Christmas break tomorrow Jan. 10, 2016 but has been postponed to unknown date.



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