Following numerous complaints brought in by leadership of Bushenyi district and other districts in greater Bushenyi Magisterial area against the Bushenyi chief magistrate Moses Katorogo, judicial service commission has finally interdicted him for corruption and abuse of office.

In a letter signed by the Resident District Commissioner, District Internal Security Officer and the District State Attorney to the minister of justice and constitutional affairs asking for the immediate interdiction of Moses Katorogo

Three days before his interdiction, social media was awash with stories of corruption and misuse of office by chief magistrate moses Katorogo

Western Ankole civil society forum chief Executive officer, Apollo Lee Kakonge and Elly Muhwezi senior programmers’ officer had pinned Katorogo on facebook accusing him of corruption and extortion money from innocent Banyabushenyi.  editor spoke to him before his interdiction about corruption allegations against him but denied the allegations saying he always gives out bail which is entitled to every Ugandan according to the constitution

On the issue of charging money before one accesses bail, Katorogo said that the complainants should bring evidence to that effect.

The chief magistrate who was months away to his mandatory retirement, faces his third interdiction following one in Mbarara in 2000 later Kasese and now Bushenyi

He was ordered to handover office immediately to Mbarara Chief Magistrate and he takes charge of the office in the greater Bushenyi magisterial area.

Due too much facebook posts for the last four days, Katorogo called in a lawyer yesterday to compile evidence and sue Appollo Lee Kakonge who orchestrated the facebook war against him.  The lawyer gathered evidence but what this website is not sure about is whether the case will continue since the complainant has been interdicted and will be investigate by the judicial service commission.

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