By Nyesiga Elly

In Mbarara—-

Police in Mbarara have arrested another medical worker attached to Mbarara Referral Hospital for allegedly conniving in stealing 16 boxes of government drugs worth 10 million shillings.

Godfrey Tumuramye a pharmacy technician was arrested yesterday joining the three who were arrested on Tuesday evening.

Police on Tuesday evening had arrested Matsika Matenyari, a stores officer, Leo Atwine a dispenser and Sixtus Outa, a pharmacist who were arrested from Katete central in Nyamitanga division Mbarara municipality.

Now they are detained at Mbarara central police station pending interrogation and to be taken to court to answer charges of Misuse of office and theft of government drugs.

Mpata Owagage, the Assistant Director Health monitoring team unit from state house while speaking to journalists in Mbarara revealed that the drugs which were stolen were ARVS which he says that stealing such drugs is too dangerous as they are life supporting drugs to people living with HIV/AIDS so stealing them puts the life of people with HIV on the high risk.

Owagage calls upon the public that they should not hesitate to report any health worker that steals and sales government drugs which are supposed to be given on free basis.


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