By Elly Kalenzi

in Ibanda—-

The Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese,Paul Bakyenga,has called on the Christian community in Ibanda district to appreciate the role honesty and hard working in the development of promoting their church structures. He also asked them to remain united in the process of executing church projects with an image reflected from the bottom of their hearts.

Archbishop Bakyenga who was the main celebrant, was yesterday speaking during the consecration  of the church building at St. Charles Lwanga Bubaare Catholic parish in Ibanda Municipal where a thanksgiving mass was conducted for the official  opening of the church building that caters a sitting capacity of 700 worshipers. The work of constructing the new church building started in 2008 at Bubaare hill and a total of shs. 1.5 Billion had been used for the construction of the  beautiful church that glorifies the name of God.   H. E President Yoweri Museveni  donated shs 500 Million   towards the  construction work since it started.

The Archbishop Paul Bakyenga, however, cautioned Ugandans to be careful with the money which they receive including support they lobby for schools and the mushrooming churches in form of donations from foreign countries.

“Some people receive money from foreign donors, which gives a negative practice in homosexuality among the students” Rt. Rev. Bakyenga said.

He blamed many couples for abandoning their responsibility of raising children, but leaving them in the hands of house girls alone. He explains that this practice results into spoilt children.

He noted that the fathers and mothers go for duty and leave the children with house girls and come back at night. He said the sisters under the Apostle of Jesus are participating in training children between 2 to 7 years by establishing Nursery schools at  parish church  level.

In a bid to fight hunger that has hit many parts in  the country, Bakyenga advised farmers to use the on going rains to start  growing more food especially by planting cassava, sweet potatoes, maize and Irish potatoes for the food basket. He asked them to building granaries where they can store their food after harvesting.

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