Hearing of the case under which Forty-four ex-M23 combatants are
facing the charges of illegal entry into Uganda and illegal possession
of fire arms while on Ugandan land has failed to kick off today in the
chief magistrates court.
The court that was presided over by the Kabale chief Magistrate Moses
Kagoda Ntende heard from the Prosecution led by the Kabale resident
State Attorney Batson Baguma that on 22nd February 2016, forty-four
ex-M23 rebels were intercepted by Ugandan security at Busanza in
Kisoro District after crossing from the neighboring Democratic
Republic of Congo without lawful travel documents.
They were also found in possession of five Sub Machine Guns and one PK
riffle with 160 rounds of ammunition. 38-of them escaped from Bihanga
army barracks while two of them joined on the way. 18 of them are at
ranks from Captain to Lieutenant and the rest have lower ranks of
sergeant and corporal. They were arrested and taken to UPDF 35
battalion in Kisoro for detention.
On 23rd April this year, the suspects appeared before the Kabale Chief
Magistrate’s Court and were remanded to Ndorwa Government Prison until
today afternoon when they appeared before the magistrate’s court
However, their lawyer Justus Muhangi of Muhangi and Company advocates
asked court to extend the hearing claiming that he still needed time to
thoroughly read through case files of the accused rebels so that he
gets a basis of handling the case.

His worship Moses Kagoda Ntende considered the claims of Muhangi and
adjourned the case until 25th April this year when they will appear
before court for hearing of their cases.


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