By Richard Akandwanaho

In Kabale—-

Nineteen parishes of the 41 parishes in Rubanda district, have no parish chiefs which the district authorities say is a big threat to service delivery in the district.

Rubanda district which was curved from Kabale district on 1st July last year has a population of 196,896 people, 41 parishes, 08 wards, 457 villages, 2 town councils of Hamurwa and Rubanda plus 7 Sub Counties of Bubaare, Bufundi, Ikumba, Ruhija, Nyamweru, Muko and Hamurwa.

Similarly, only 3 wards of the 08 wards have town agents.

Gerald Akambasa, the Rubanda district speaker says that having few parish chiefs and town agents is a threat to service delivery and development in the district. He says that the responsible authorities should intervene to recruit more parish chiefs and other missing staff in the district for its development.

The Rubanda district LCV Chairperson Jogo Kenneth Biryabarema says that the staffing levels of Rubanda district are at 18%, something he referred to as a big barrier to service delivery.

However, Biryabarema added that they are soon starting a move to recruit the missing staff starting with the parish chiefs as they shall also be responsible in monitoring operation wealth creation at parish levels.

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