By Richard Akandwanaho

in Ntungamo—-

5,474 households in Ntungamo district are on the verge of being hit by diseases related to poor feucal disposal due to lack of toilet facilities.

According to the Ntungamo district health inspector Japheth Nyeete, out of the 108,025 total households in Ntungamo district, only 102,551 households have toilet facilities and 23.2% have after toilet hand washing facilities.

Nyeete says that he believes that people from the 5,474 households without toilets are a section that has resorted to sharing toilets with the neighbors and using the nearby bushes, a thing he says puts the lives of people in the community at a risk of being hit by epidemic diseases like cholera, typhoid among others.

However Nyeete says that the district has started recruiting some people in every village in the district to work in conjunction with the village health teams in sensitizing the public’s on the need to join efforts in promoting better health in communities in Ntungamo district.

He also revealed that by the help of the village health teams, they are to start a move to identify and arrest any person s without toilets.

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