By Yosam Gucwaki

In Masindi—

Masindi high court last evening issued an interim order against all the seven Bunyoro district land boards restraining them from issuing land titles.

The district land boards in Bunyoro include: Masindi district land board, Kiryandongo district land board, Bulisa district land board, Hoima district land board, Kibale district land board, Kakumiro district land board and Kagadi district land board.

In the ruling which was read by the Masindi high court registrar Juli Acio,  Bunyoro district land board will not continue processing land titles unless the main suit which was filed by Bunyoro Kitara Reparation Agency (BUKITAREPA) is disposed off.

Last year BUKITAREPA through D&G associates company dragged all the seven district land boards in Bunyoro to Masindi High court accusing them of issuing land titles on the land they have never owned.

But on the same matter BUKITAREPA applied for an interim order restraining the seven land boards from issuing the land titles which was issued today.

Delivering the order, Acio revealed that the respondents never filed affidavits   noting that the applicant challenged them on this ground, adding that that it implies that BUKITAREPA’s application remain genuine.

Acio added that the interim order will remain until the main suit is disposed off by Masindi high court.

Doviko Batwale the chief coordinator Bunyoro Kitara Reparation Agency (BUKITAREPA) expressed happiness over the ruling made by Masindi high court saying that this this will help save Bunyoro from living on their land as slaves.

Batwale also explained that  whoever goes a head doing so will be charged with contempt of court adding that saying that whoever attained land in Bunyoro will be recovered following the law

Yusuf Mugisa Bunya one of the BUKITAREPA members explained that this the time to put all the existing laws in practice noting that many people have been taking Banyoro to be dull and dense adding that they are going to recover whatever was grabbed following the law.

Efforts to get a comment from the Bunyoro district land boards were futile since none of them turned up for court proceeding.


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