Residents of Igara East constituency in Bushenyi district yesterday afternoon left Kyeizooba health 111 cursing their MP Martial Andrew for a organizing a medical that flopped because of lack of medicines, doctors and machinery to check their sicknesses among other loopholes.

According to a medical official who was part of the organizers but did not want to be named because of likely persecution by MP martial told www.mknewslink.com managing editor yesterday that they made a budget of 15m and submitted it to him but he did not give them any money.

“I want assure you that we are stuck here, we don’t have lunch, drugs, machinery and even health workers. By the way we are using 3million that was got from the account of the health sub-district in Kyabugimbi”  a health worker lamented.

“MP Martial was here in the morning and told us that he doesnot have the money but was still sourcing from friends. He told us that he met Tycoon Hassan Basajabalaba but unfortunately, he did not give him the money. He headed for Mbarara and left here his assistant but doesnot have any answer. He has even now switched off his phones” A source added.

Mzee Jackson Bamwiine from Burungira parish in Ruhumuro sub-county about 40 kilometers to kyeizooba health center told www.mknewslink.com  editor that he was too disappointed with his MP Martial because he told them that every disease would be diogonized and then be treated but he received nothing. “I wasted my time and money to come here and receive nothing. Am waiting for Martial either in the by-election or 2021 and vote him out”

Volonica Natukunda from Numba in Bumbaire sub-county regretted why he went to Kyeizooba to a medical camp that did not have any drugs. “I have a chest problem but I but the doctor told me that there are no drugs and asked me to go to clinics and buy the drugs” She said.

www.mknewslink.com editor contacted MP Martial Andrew on his whatsapp account yesterday to react to the curses people threw to him and why he did not post pone the camp if he was not ready. He arrogantly answered that “Wilber you were not among the organizers so why did you go into details to ask the medicine, health workers allowances etc”

MP Martial went ahead to say that this editor was envious that he organized a successful health camp. On the issue of not funding the camp, he said that the money used was from him and government but our sources insist that MP Martial provided only lunch for the health workers which even came in at 6:00pm.

The former MP of Igara East Hon. Micheal Mawanda Maranga took martial to court of appeal accusing him of stealing his votes using security operatives among other grounds. The case is ongoing.

www.mknewslink.com news website wrote in March that MP Martial had abandoned the constituency to the extent that he was missing every function including those where he was a chief guest and even the biggest where the prime minister visited his constituency.

He after two weeks he started coming to the constituency and eventually organized the medical camp which he even abandoned mid-way.






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