As the country struggles with a crippling economy, Ugandans have been urged to embrace agriculture to earn a living instead of waiting for the government to spoon feed them.

These remarks were made by Mr Jonathan Bogonzya a resident of Ngoma Kiziba kagango in sheema municipality sheema district while talking to editor Tuesday  on the issue of poverty in urban and rural areas.

Bongonzya said that people should change their mind set and turn all their works into business but not to work to earn a living. “Our people should avoid working for only subsistence but rather should always look at commercial. They should avoid spending lavishly because Uganda today wants people who are dynamic and creative in nature” He advised

“I again call upon graduates to embrace life skills and create jobs for themselves instead of hitting streets looking for white collar jobs which are scarce” Mr Bongonzya added.

He also emphasized career guidance in schools and other high institutions of learning so that students can know what to offer in universities which can make them employable.

Jonathan Bongonzya  is a senior consultant in the field of quality assurance in Kampala and a renowned economist. He is preparing to contest for the position of  member of parliament for the newly created Sheema municipality in sheema district. He belongs to NRM party.

He advised government to stop offering free things to its citizens. He noted that this makes them lazy. “How can government offer free education at primary and secondary, free medical care. This makes its citizens lazy. Government scrapped graduated tax and Ugandans are full time drinking alcohol. People should have a contribution for services” He Observed



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