Bushenyi district public accounts committee chaired by Mr. Emmanuel Karasi today afternoon may 17th 2017 chased away the deputy town clerk for Bushenyi ishaka municipality Fedinard Katunda Mukuru for abusing them .


Bushenyi Ishaka municipal speaker Mr. Milton Betungura [standing] briefing the PAC chairman Emmanuel Karasi on how his municipal staff and mayor stole the money for Japanese embassy meant to build a theater at municipal health center IV in 2014
Trouble started when one of the members asked Katonda mukuru why the municipal council never took the proposer meant to source for funding from Japanese Embassy for a theater at Bushenyi Health Centre IV.

Deputy Town clerk katunda mukuru whom the question was not directed to from nowhere “am surprised, even your questions are fake “ katunda mukuru charged.

Then the PAC chairman Mr. Emmanuel Karasi charged too and replied him “ Mr katunda mukuru stop being arrogant to us if to us. If you want to be arrogant go and do it to your wife. For us we are here to investigate why you misused the Japanese grant worth 224 millions” karasi attacked katunda too.

Karasi also ordered katunda mukuru out of the committee which sat in district board room in Bushenyi town . Katunda pleaded to the committee to give him back the file containing details about the theater which he had given  the committee but the committee chairperson barked at him and told him “this file belongs to your boss town clerk and for you have turned out to be extremely arrogant and leave this committee room immediately “.

Mayor Kamugasha defending himself before the committee whether there is value for money or not. The issue whether the tender was his was not asked to him but it has been going round since 2014

Today was a second day running while PAC is investigating 224 million Japanese grant which was given to Bushenyi ishaka municipal council to construct a theater at Bushenyi health centre IV in Bushenyi town.

The theater in question which was funded by the Japanese Embassy in 2014 has never been operational since it’s a commissioning early 2015.

PAC was forced to intervene after the internal auditor and the auditor general’s audits raised audit quarrels to the effect that the cost of materials were inflated .

The PAC members were concerned with the cost of roofing which was put at 32 million and a theater which is  a small building.To them cannot even cost 20 millions. Members went ahead and visited and quelled the theater doors are which are not suitable, shutters, they are cracks in the building, there is neither a toilet nor septic pit, the cost of the generator was inflated because it cannot light the health centre and even the glasses are not fit because they can see a doctor who is administering an operation in the theater from outside.

Since the tender of constructing the theater in question was offered to the municipal mayor’s closest friend Mr. Sam Musiime, the councilors have always complained that the tender was for the mayor Mr Jackson Kamugasha  because him and Musiime do business together.

Eng Deus Baingana was behind the shoddy works. Next is katunda mukuru who was ejected from the committee for being arrongant.

When www.mknewslink.com  editor contacted the mayor after the committee meeting which he attended over whether the tender was for him and he channeled it through Musiime , he denied having taken the tender to construct the theater through musiime. He however admitted that musiime his close friend and they do business together.

According to Bushenyi ishaka municipal council speaker Mr Milton Betungura, the town clerk and his staff demanded for more 20 million to finish the theater and it was given to them this financial but noted that there was a lot of corruption tendencies in the theater construction and completion and therefore the council will not add them more money.

The speaker who also attended PAC committee meeting accompanied by the male councilor for kibale ward Nyakabirizi division told the committee that they will not allow technicalrats and  the mayor Mr Jackon Kamugasha to steal money meant for the theater and sit down and watch” we cannot sit here and watch technicalrats and the mayor steal grants and government money . Voters elected us to help them get services and be the council that fights corruption” speaker Betungura said.

The committee resolved that government valuer be invited to Bushenyi health centre IV and establish the cost of the building because 224 million is far much compared to cost of other theaters in greater Bushenyi.

The committee also resolved that they visit the officials at Japanese embassy about the inflated cost of the theater and even establish whether they were given more money above 224 million and declare less money.




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