By Yosam Gucwaki
in Masindi—–

Bunyoro growers cooperative union in Masindi district is demanding one
billion shillings compensation from government for the properties they
lost during the bush war in 1986.
Bagada Philemon, the current chairperson Bunyoro Cooperative Growers,
says that during the NRA guerrilla war they lost over 500 heads of
cattle, one lorry, four tractors and one pick up adding that they have
made several claims in there relevant offices but they have never got
any response.
He adds that last year they were advised to go to the the
Ministry of trade and industries and  Masindi district leadership
adding that still they have not been helped.

Bagadaalso notes that other cooperatives which made war claims were
compensated citing Kitara cooperative union, Banyankole Kweteran
Cooperative and Masaba cooperative Union wondering why government has
failed to compensate Bunyoro Growers’ cooperative union.

Kiiza Goerge Munina, the then Ranch manager Bunyoro growers cooperative
explains that in 1985 NRA soldiers looted Bunyoro growers and
destroyed many things in the ranch adding the same soldiers also used
Bunyoro Growers’ vehicles  to carry the guns and other ammunitions
they had captured from Masindi Artillery barracks.

Kiiza also is wondering as to why they are not compensated and yet
most of the properties which led to the success of the NRm Government
were from Bunyoro growers’ cooperative union.

He also narrates that NRA soldiers looting Bunyoro growers’
cooperative Union led to its set back.

Commenting on the same matter, the Deputy RDC Masindi district,
Bahebwa Longino Byagagaire, advised the leadership of Bunyoro growers
cooperative Union to write reminder letters to all the relevant

When contacted the secretary finance masindi district Kanaginagi
Ateenyi to comment on the matter, he said that it has never come to
their attention.

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