By Elly Katahinga

in Ntungamo—-

At least 15 heads of cattle were recovered by police in Ntungamo in the last two weeks following an operation that saw 11 suspected cattle thieves arrested in Rubaare and Rugarama sub counties.

The Ntungamo district police commander Baker Kawonawo says the arrests and recoveries were made after involving the police anti stock theft unit that made a strong operation in the area that was prone to thefts with several heads of cattle stolen especially in February and March this year.

He identified the suspects as Muhwezi Geofrey at whose home 9 cows were recovered, Nkuruziza James, Katungye Geofrey, Katatse Eshid, Turinamukama Denis. Others are Kabwesiza Francis, Mbabazi Daniel, Kamugisha Frank, Rusanganwa Frank Ninsiima Kirenga and Hanabakize and Turinamukama Denis herdsmen who have been aiding thefts.

Kawonawo says major cattle thefts are either fueled by herdsmen or at times family members who steal cows and sell them to buyers that take them for sell after changing their looks especially to Congo and Kasese.

He however says many cattle thieves are still moving scotch free but will be arrested and charged in court.



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