The archbishop of church of Uganda His Grace Stanley Ntagali has warned Christians in Ibanda district to stop domestic violence such that they can have peaceful families. He said many families have fallen a part due to much family violence that is increasing daily.
The archbishop  was speaking   to Christians of Ibanda archdeaconary at the headquarters of the proposed North West Ankole diocese in Ibanda during his visit to Ankole diocese on Sunday.
He said a family is the fabric of society and the basis for a stable community and nation. He said that it is lamentable that the families in our country are facing deliberate attack by different evil forces both from within and outside.
“This makes our children very vulnerable. They are growing in a very violent environment and many have become victims of circumstances. In the process they are denied their rights” he added.
He added that a church, the leaders are greatly concerned about domestic violence, child sacrifice, drunk hardness, drug abuse, sodomy and homosexuality, joblessness, poverty, permissiveness, peer pressure and other evils which target the family directly.
“We must focus our attention on protecting and guiding our families in our communities and entire country” he said.

Meanwhile on the Creation of the New Diocese of North west Ankole, His Grace  Ntagali said that the Assembly approved in principle the creation of the 37th church of Uganda Diocese of North-West Ankole to be inaugurated in one year’s time after the outstanding works and activities have been completed.
He visited three archdeaconries of Ibanda, Kakinga and Bigyera,and confirmed  many Christians.
The Bishop of Ankole Diocese, Rt.Rev. Sheldon Mwesigwa warned Christians in Ibanda district to stop spreading  rumors of proposing the names of clergymen and women who will be  elected as a new Bishop of the new diocese of North west Ankole.  He asked them to leave the whole business in the hands of the House of the Bishops. He said some people have started spreading rumors    that smartly dressed church leaders and those with influence from the public are likely to be selected and their names are likely to be forwarded to the Bishops House conference.

Mean while the most Rev. Ntagali said Church of Uganda is the 2nd largest Church in Uganda with a total population of over 12 million Christians, accounting for 32% of the country’s
population with 36 Dioceses.



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