By Yosam Gucwaki
in Masindi—-
Kinyara sugar Factory officials, the RDC Masindi and the state
minister for Bunyoro affairs, Ernest Kiiza, have been grilled by the
district leaders and the sugar cane farmers’ representatives over
exploitation of farmers by Kinyara.
The trio was grilled on Wednesday during a stake holders meeting that
was organized by the Resident District Commissioner Masindi, Godfrey
Nyakahuma at Kabalega Resort.
Speaker after speaker blamed Kinyara for failing to handle issues
which oppress sugar cane farmers which include under paying farmers,
delayed harvesting of cane, delayed payment among others.
Cosmas Byaruhanga, the chairperson LCV, Masindi district, accused
Kinyara sugar management for not being transparent noting that as
leaders in Masindi have engaged Kinyara over many issues all in vein
adding that Kinyara does this because state protects them.

Byraruhanga added that unless Kinyara comes and start protecting the
farmers that is when the farmers will be relieved of the tribulations
they are going through.
He added that what is hurting them is the state to protect the
investor at the expense of the farmers saying that the state is a 100%
leaning on the side of investors.

Robert Atugonza, the chairperson Masindi district out growers
Association, said that if Kinyara doesn’t style up its operations,
farmers will cause a demonstration noting that is optimistic that this
will cause scarcity of sugar in the country.

Atugonza added that  they are going to organize a demonstration
becuase Kinyara is paying cane farmers peanuts adding that when the
time for the demonstration reaches,  the RDC  should grant them
permission such that they can show the world the exploitation they are
going through.

Jos wamara a sugar cane farmer from Bwijanga Sub County explained that
farmers are being exploited because this matter might have not been
brought to the attention of the president maintaining that what they
want is timely harvesting and payment farmers.
He added that if these issues were addressed to the president, he
wouldn’t have issued a directive stopping sugar cane from moving
outside Masindi.

One of the resolutions which were reached at was the RDC Masindi
Godfrey Nyakahuma gave an ultimatum of one week to the haulage manager
to have eliminated spillage of cane or be arrested.

Speaking during the same meeting, Visnu, the Finance controller
Kinyara also who represented the General Manager accepted to look into
the issues which were addressed to him noting that they are going to
ensure that they improve where they have not been moving well.

Ernest Kiiza the Bunyoro affairs Minister promised to take up the
issues distressing the farmers and also dismissed allegations revealed
by Cosmas Byarruhanga the LCV masindi district that the state has done
nothing but exploiting them at the expense of the farmers.

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