By Barak Tukashaba
in Rukungiri—-
The minister for security Henry Tumukunde has expressed concern over
the increased murder cases in the country.
The minister who represented the Prime Minister yesterday at a thanks
giving and fundraising to solicit funds to complete a new church
building of Christ the King brought a message of 5 million as the
The Minister called upon stake holders in security such as
magistrates, police and others to get serious and sensitize people on
the negative effects of murder.
“People are being killed everyday across the country, we need to work
together as security organs, judiciary and others to bring these
murders to the end” he said.
The minister asked people work on their food security as away to
eradicate famine hence urging religious leaders to start preaching on
the prolonged drought that is pointed at as the cause of the severe
famine in the country.
“having food is part of security, people need to have food, let you
religious leaders tell people to go back to having granaries to store
food to take them through the dry seasons like these, people need to
know about food security now” he said.
The minister revealed that they (government) is planning to extend
water to the Sub Counties of Bwambara and Bugangari attributing the
lack of water in those Sub Counties has the main cause of famine.
“the water in these areas are salty the reason why they are usually
affected hard during droughts” he said.
In the mass led by Rev.Fr.Luciano Tweinamatsiko the Diocesan secretary
Kabale Diocese who represented the Bishop said that God is one and
wants man to be one, trusting and loving each other.
He encouraged Christians to be united starting from families to work places.
Over sh45 million have been collected.
Rukungiri Christ the king church is seeking over shs2bn to finish up
the project

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