By YosamGucwaki
Bunyoro Kitara Reparation Agency (BUKITAREPA) wants Bunyoro affairs
minister,Hon.ErnestKiiza to pay 800 million shillings for the damages
he has inflicted on them since he uttered defamatory statements
against them.
Late last year, BUKITAREPA dragged Kiiza to court accusing him of
uttering defamatory statements while speaking during the Bunyoro
parliamentary caucus that was held on the 27th November 2016 at
Kolping hotel in Masindi town.
Kiiza allegedly described BUKITAREPA as thieves who are extorting
money from the people without a genuine cause.
DovikoBatwale, the chief coordinator, BUKITAREPA says that even if
they dragged Kiiza to court is going ahead defaming them  something he
says affecting their duties.
During the empangocelebrarations on Sunday last week in Hoima,
Kiizacalled upon the MPS from Bunyoro to come together and
fightBUKITAREPA  saying that BUKITAREPA people have gone a head
extorting money from the people in spite of the warning government has
issued against them.
Batwale says that as BUKITAREPA had decided he pays400million
shillings for the defamatory statements he made last year adding that
now they have multiplied the money by two since he made the same
statements in Hoima on Sunday during the empango celebrations.
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Btwale also says that BUKITAREPA is planning to write to the president
of the Republic of Uganda ,the Director general of ESO, ISO and the
speaker of the parliament of Uganda requesting them to remove him from
the position of Bunyoro affairs because he is heading the
ministrywhich is fighting Bunyoro affairsbut not implementing Bunyoro
He added that Kiiza is doing a disservice to NRM because is fighting
an organization with a massive support in Bunyoro.
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He also says that they are doing what political leaders have failed to
do explaining that BUKITAREPA ishandling the legal part of Bunyoro
issues wondering why has Kiiza failed to take them to court if he sees
that they are against the law.
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Effort to get a comment from Kiiza the Bunyor affair minister were
futile since he never answered our repeated calls.

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