By Yosam Gucwaki
Kayera community primary school in Kimengo sub county Masindi district
has been abandoned.
Kayera community primary school was built in 2010 by two
Non-governmental organizations; Build Africa and Action Aid with the
aim of improving school accessibility in the area.
Apparently the fully-fledged primary school has neither pupils nor
teachers all structures are abandoned in the bush.
Musasizi Robert, the chairperson LC3, Kimengo sub county, says the
school which is well facilitated with desks was abandoned last year
after the leadership of Kimengo  sub county had tried to make several
engagements  with the Masindi district education department.
He adds that the school had neither teachers nor head teacher posted at
school  by the time it closed and the yet the education department had
promised to post teachers at the school.
He adds the Action aid and Build Africa had posted two community
teachers at the school but when they pulled out the school remained
with no teacher.
Ewich Moses one of the community teachers who used to teach at the
same school explains that the reason which made them to flee the
school is that they lacked scholastic materials and sometimes they
wouldn’t be paid.

Ewich adds that collecting money from the parents was also a problem
making them fail to run the school.
Nekesa Agness,  apparent says that  whenever teachers would call for
the meeting they wouldn’t turn something which could have demoralized
the teachers from attending to the pupils.

Kassimu Kabagonza, the district councilor representing Kimengo sub
county, explains that teachers who were posted at Kayera primary
school by Action Aid and Build Africa were drunkards which made them
fail to meet their responsibility noting that the teachers who had
been posted at school were chased by the parents.
He adds as authorities they engaged the district Education officer on
the matter and he has agreed to give them two teachers.
Sound byte Kassim
When contacted the District Inspector of schools Masindi district,
Kiiza Monica said that Kayera community primary school is a community
school and it should be run by the community noting that even if they
give them  two teachers they will also need to ensure that they pay
others teachers who will not be on the government pay roll.


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