By Richard Akandwanaho

In Kanungu–

The former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate;Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has attributed the current famine cases in some parts of the country to the government’s negligence on the agricultural sector.

Besigye made the remarks yesterday Sunday of July 2, 2017 while speaking to the congregation during a fundraising mass at Nyabihoko Catholic Church in Kanyantorogo Sub County, Kinkiizi West in Kanungu district.

He said that despite agriculture being the back bone of Uganda, the government has not bothered to sensitize its citizens on the need for modern agriculture like use of irrigation methods in order to sustain yields for all seasons.

Besigye added that the government should allocate more funds to the agricultural sector, fund the construction of equitable water sources from where Ugandans can access water for irrigation in order to enable them grow crops even during dry seasons thus helping them to have food in all season.

He called upon the Ugandans to have a balanced allocation of their land for both cash and food crop farming and encouraged them to embrace other modern farming methods like use of fertilizers in order to increase their seasonal harvests.

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