By John Aine

In Mbarara

The family of Hajji Abas Fikir, who was arrested on matters concerning the death of the former police spokesperson’ AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi have stormed the Mbarara police station demanding the where-abouts of their father.

According to Faridah Abas , the daughter to Abas said that on 7/4/2017, police invaded their residential area in Kisenyi Kakoba Ward, and arrested their father, Abas Fakir,his  wife Saudah Ayub and their son, before takin them to known place.


She says when they tried to ask for the reason why their parents were arrested; the security operatives said it was for security purpose.

She continued to say that police released their brother and remained with the father and their Mother. Fortunate enough, their mother appeared in Court and she is detained in Luzira prison.

But their worry is on their father who has never appeared in any court in Uganda.

Faridah says at the time of his arrest, their father was transporting Businessmen in markets using his Fuso vehicle registration number UEG 927C which the police of Mbarara impounded.


She adds that since the arrest of their father, now they are stranded with family as they have no money to cater for the school going children.


Abas was allegedly looking after 20 children and their source of income was the vehicle which the police impounded. Now they are demanding the police to give them their father’s vehicle  such that it can resume with the business and cater for the family.


Faridah said that she contacted the DPC Jaffar Magyezi for assistance but he has kept the deaf ear saying that their matter is very sensitive and he can’t handle them unless he first gets an order from above.



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