By Elly Karenzi

In Ibanda—

A total of 372 students   graduated with Diplomas and certificates in different courses  during the 4th graduation of Alliance vocational college Ibanda in Iband district.

While speaking  at the ceremony held yesterday, the principal, Higher Education, at the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE),  Dr. Pius Coxwell  Achang, asked students  to utilize the given knowledge and skills acquired from the college for national development.

Some of the graduates of the Ibanda Alliance college at the graduation function

Dr. Achang encouraged graduates to use the given skills to work hard and attain the much development needed in the country. He also advised the graduates to be job creators and not job seekers.

“You have become professionals and I ask you to utilize the knowledge and skills you have acquired and the experience you will gain in your daily work to contribute to the national development”  Mr. Achang said.

“Knowledge and skills  are a power and I challenge you to look further. Put in practice what you have learnt and improve your living conditions, that of your families and of your communities. Use your energies satisfactorily to serve with commitment, and love for our country” He added.

He noted that government will continue to invest in skills development, public awareness, career guidance and counseling of learners, parents/guardians and the community and also lay other strategies to attract parents’ support and motivate pupils and students to embrace skills development.

He thanked the parents for paying their children’s education and appealed to other parents to emulate the example. He also thanked the government for allowing investors and developers to set up private institutions of learning through out the country.

He commended the administration of the college for a well done job and asked them to continue expanding the college by constructing more buildings.

A total of 372 graduates of the year 2016 were awarded certificates and diplomas and out of these only 222 are females and 150 males.


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