By Deo Okoodi

In Kasese–

Royal guards of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu are reportedly regrouping in Kasese and the newly created district of Bunyangabu in Rwenzori region.

Maj. Peter Mugisa;  the UPDF spokes person for the 2nd Division says the group is violent  and has made attempts to grab a gun from a soldier as the army deployed in Bukana village, Kabonero Sub County but two of them were arrested and have since  revealed that they were from the former royal guards.

Mugisa further said that two weeks back they ambushed and attacked an elderly councilor  Mzee Arthur Mbarage around 7.00pm at Kasangali in Ruhare parish Bwesumbo subcounty in Busongora north and beat him up.

Maj.Mugisha added that fortunately MzeeMbarage who was with his wife survived and recognized his assailants who he later reported to the army.

He said the assailants were  Matayo Bwanzire and Kule Mawano whom the army had to waylay at his home and the next morning ordered him out of his house but instead decided to escape through the window where he found a solder private Amanya  Wycliffe and stabbed him before the soldier also shot him dead in self defense.

He said as a result of these heightened activities of Kirumira- Mutima groug who are mainly targeting people supporting NRM government, the army has decided to deploy on all those areas suspected to be their hide outs so as to deter them from causing havoc in the region.




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