By Nelson Twinamatsiko

In Kabale–

The FDC’s Rtd Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has called upon all Ugandans to use defiance as the best approach to block the planned constitutional amendment that “targets the removal of age limit and compulsory land acquisition.”
Besigye says defiance is also the best approach to remove the current government in Uganda that has “opted to use all the state resources to keep it in power instead of the well fare of the people.”

Dr Besigye was on Saturdayy evening speaking on Freedom FM radio station in Kabale town shortly after he was blocked from holding talk show on Voice of Kigezi where the stations’ staff, said they had been directed by security personnel not to host him on their radio station.

Dr Besigye; a four time presidential contender also said Uganda’s economy is falling steadily because of the dictatorial leadership that must be fought by defiance.
“For example if all the famers in the country defied taking their harvested food to the markets thus creating food crisis in Kampala, the whole world would listen and there would be attention from all stakeholders.

The cheerful Besigye said defiance by Judges as they went on strike forced government to listen,arguing that defiance using the constitution shall end the NRM dictatorship if all Ugandans embrace it. “Using defiance embraced by all Ugandans, the planned constitution amendment shall fail” he said.

He further noted that: “Unemployment is a result of bad leadership and stealing money to invest it abroad while others use it to buy more land for themselves. Paying about 90 ministers, over 120 presidential advisors, over 240 RDCs, thousands of crime preventers to sustain the ruling government in power does not improve the economy of the country.”

According to him, paying MPs money to change the constitution is another cause of failure of the economy.
He expressed his worry as to why the age limit is coming up now when president Museveni is about to clock 75 years.
“You remember the lifting of presidential term limits came at a time when president Museveni’s term of office was expiring because he had served the mandated two terms as per the constitution then. If Parliament starts passing the laws that are aimed at making Ugandans slaves in their own country, defiance by all Ugandans should apply to fight for their rights” he said.
He also refuted Mr Museveni’s allegations that the opposition tell lies on radios and televisions and asked government to organize a joint talk show between the Opposition and government for the public to judge between a liar and a truth teller.

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