By Okoodi Deo
in Rubabo-Rukungiri—
Three children have died today as floods devastated kisiizi hospital in Rubabo
county Rukungiri district.
Hospital equipment’s like washing machines, bed sheets and blankets,
theater gowns, 4 oxygen concentrators, pulsoximeters, rolls of cotton
wool, Hospital laundry, water and drainage systems and Tailoring
machines which are used to make hospital linen were completely
destroyed by the floods.Hydro power Turbines, Hospital standby generator were submerged in
water hence cutting power supply which led to death of two premature
babies who were being monitored in incubators.
A six year old boy who was on oxygen also died as he, together with
other patients were being manually evacuated to another wards situated
on a raised area. Apparently patients with infectious diseases like TB
are mixed up with none infectious.Health workers at the hospital are currently doing their best to
desilt the affected hospital wards and drainage system. Alex Kakama
the Hospital Human resource coordinator says long term measure of
creating big drainage channels around the hospital to divert huge
volumes of water in future is being thought about by the management as
he appeals to government to help in such a project since it requires a
lot of money.

He also urged government to help them replace the damaged equipment in
the hospital which receives more than 500 patients each day and
carries out 120 deliveries per month.
Kisiizi hospital that was founded by Anglican missionaries in 1958
also serves as a training center for Nurses, Midwives and doctors


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