By reporter

In Kampala–

Two health workers at Naguru hospital were yesterday caught unawares when health minister Sarah Opendi tricked them with a bait of bribe and later ended being handcuffed.

The minister who dressed in a hijab and a veil like a Muslim disguised herself as a patient, and arrested two health workers at Naguru-China Friendship Hospital after they allegedly asked her for a bribe. has learnt that when the minister arrived there on a bodaboda and disguised herself as a patient with abdominal complications, the two health workers asked her for a bribe before they could start working on her.

“I arrived here and disguised myself as a patient with abdominal complications. I wanted to confirm reports I have been receiving from the public that Naguru health workers ask patients to pay for [the supposedly] free services,” the minister told

After going through all the steps the minister was recomended to do some tests including: liver function test, diabetes and Hepatitis B. However, she was directed to the laboratory.

At the main laboratory, Andrew Kalule, a lab technologist was the first one to fall into the minister’s trap as he asked for Shs150, 000 to perform the recommended tests.

The minister managed to give him Shs100,000 and pleaded with him to allow her bring the balance when she gets. Kalule then gave the minister his number and name as Ssozi.


Christine Namanda, a nursing assistant was the second victim to fall into the minister’s trap after allegedly asked for Shs5,000 in order to avail testing strips used to diagnose diabetes.

Immediately the minister called in police who came and arrested the greedy health workers.

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