By Elly Ka renzi

In Ibanda–

The former bishop of Gahini diocese

The retired Bishop of Gahini diocese in Rwanda, the Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Rwobusiisi has denied any knowledge that some people districts of western in Uganda including Ibanda sub region are being funded by the office of the president Yoweri Museveni.

He said some tribes in Uganda are spreading rumours that many Banyankole, Bakiga and Batooro are being facilitated by the office of the President to set up investments and purchasing luxury vehicles, and land for agricultural activities.

Rt. Rev. Rwobusiisi said this yesterday while speaking to thousands of people who had turned up to witness the introduction and giveaway of Ms. Assen Ninsiima to Mr. Keeneth Lubowa at Kanyansheko village,Nyabuhikye sub county in Ibanda district. Ms. Ninsiima is the daughter to Mr. and Mrs Patrick  Bainomugisha  Salongo Basooka,while Mr. Keneth Lubowa is the son  to late Lubowa of Nkozi in Mpigi district.

He urged the couples to found their marriage in Christ if they are to be successful.

He said there are many challenges in marriage that can affect the newly married couples, citing spending most of their time on mobile phones by talking to their former friends.

He warned  men to avoid the habit of changing wives like clothes , arguing that the beautiful ones are not yet born.

The Bishop of Ankole diocese,Rt. Rev. Sheldon Mwesigwa  who also attended the ceremony, hailed the Baganda  clans for respecting their culture values especially in the dressing conduct in Kaanzu attire and Gomesi dresses.

He thanked the family of Mr. and Mrs. Basooka for spending most of their time in church service and bringing their children in God loving.


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