By Yosam Gucwaki

In Masindi–
Residents of Pakanyi Sub County in Masindi district have turned the
recent distributed mosquito nets into goal can confirm.

This was yesterday revealed by Pakanyi sub country area councilor
Kanaginagi Ateenyi during the gender budgeting and accountability
dialogue organized by Forum for women in democracy (FOWEDE) at Hotel Aribas in Masindi town.
Kanaginagi noted that while carrying out his monitoring his exercise,
he found footballers at Kisindi farm in Pakanyi sub county using the
newly distributed mosquito nets as goal posts nets.

He revealed that, many other mosquito nets beneficiaries in the sub
county were found using the nets to brew local alcohol known as ‘kwete’.
He added that, the consumers of local breweries (Kwete) are at high
risk of contracting complicated diseases from the nets since they are
sprayed with chemicals.
Kanaginagi discouraged the public from taking the locally brewed
alcohol from such places for the betterment of their life.
In April this year, government gave out over 20 million nets in
different districts as one way of combating malaria but in some areas
people have used them for other purposes like making chicken shelters,
making ropes among others.
FOWEDE field manager, Justus Abitekaniza, the main issue of the budget
dialogue was to engage different stake holders to consider gender
sensitive issues during formulation of their respective budgets at all
He added that, different issues were highlighted during the dialogue, thus the concerned officers will take necessary actions to ensure that there is effective service delivery in the district.

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