By Elly Katahinga

In Ntungamo–

One of the T-shirts that were confiscated by police in Ntungamo

Police in Ntungamo District yesterday morning arrested 3 people for holding Anti-Removal of presidential age limit assembly without notifying security agencies.

According to the officer in charge Ntungamo central police station Oroch Benjamin the meeting was unlawful since the organizers did not follow the Order management Act.

The three who were picked from Trek Savannah Hotel Ntungamo include Edward Natamba; the executive director of south western institute for policy advocacy (SOWIPA) based in Ntungamo Municipality,Bamutonda John and the manager of the Hotel.

Natamba had mobilized over 50 all dressed in yellow and white T-shirts labeled AGE-LIMIT-IS THE LIMIT to express their dissatisfaction with their MPs who on Wednesday supported the removal of presidential age limit in parliament.

The police officers commanded by Oroch surrounded the Trek Savannah Hotel and ordered them to undress T-shirts. The T-shirts and gadgets were confiscated by police and kept as exhibits.

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