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in Rubanda

The Rubanda district woman Member of Parliament Prossy Akampurira Begumisa has survived lynching by her constituents not to speak at burial accusing her of supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit from the Constitution.

Akampurira on Saturday when she had gone at the burial of  A 85 Years old  Melida Tumukunde in Rwamunyora cell , Nyarurambi  cell in Muko sub county Rubanda county west Rubanda district had it rough with  the locals.

As soon as Akampurira begun speaking to the mourners they begun making noise booing down saying togikwatako asking the legislator not to temper with article 102(b) of the constitution.

Some also Said  that they were not going to allow there members of parliament  in support of removal of 102[ b] to speak at funerals and other public gatherings  because the views of amending the constitution are there views but not the people  that sent them as they are just fulfilling their selfish interests.

It took the intervention of some leaders to cool down the mourners as it was then that she was asked to come and address the mourners where she pleaded with them saying that “now that you have expressed your concern am assuring you that am to represent them in parliament as that’s why she had not come out too openly support or not support as he had not consulted   the people“. Said Akampurira.

In an interview with our reporter on phone this morning, Akampurira said that the mourners high jacked her before she explained her stand. She however said that she will present her constituents views not the party’s stand.

The Rubanda county west MP Eng. Denis Sabiti is the only Rubanda district MP that has openly come out not to support the amendment of the article 102(b) as Henry Ariganyira Musasizi is no committal to the amendment yet.

The age limit amendment   was on Wednesday finally tabled after two days of brawling inside the chambers, Igara West MP, Raphael Magezi finally tabled a motion seeking leave to draft a bill that would among other things amend to Article 102(b of the constitution to lift presidential age limits in a one-sided parliament attended only by NRM MPs.

The largely unpopular proposal has been vehemently resisted by a large section of the citizenry and civil society.

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