By Deus Turuhukire

In Bushenyi—-

Kiiza Justus Byamareba aged 30  a business man in Kanyamabona  Trading Centre in Bushenyi Ishaka municipality was arrested yesterday by Ishaka police for allegedly sleeping with a male teenager Agaba Akunda aged 14years.

Martial Tumusiime  the Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson told www.mknewslink.com reporter today Oct. 11, 2017 that the suspect caught the young boy when he was in the trading centre of kanyamabona  with the help of his friend and carried Agaba  Akunda took him to his shop [Kiiza’s] and tied his legs and arms.

Kiiza Justus, the suspect used oil to smear the anus of Agaba and then penetrated him through the anus.[This is what we call homosexuality]

The suspect after having forced sex with boy, Agaba by penetrating through the anus, he gave the victim 100,000=. Kiiza told the victim that he should always come back at a fee of 100,000=

The grandmother who stays with Agaba told www.mknewslink.com reporter at Bushenyi police today Oct 11, 2017 that after Agaba felt a lot of pain, he told her. The  grandmother preferred to remain anonymous.

She immediately reported to Kiziinda police post under CRB790/2017. Police mounted a hunt and arrested Kiiza yesterday.

Uganda enacted anti homosexuality law in 2010 but was later outlawed by the constitutional court of Uganda after some activities supported by the international community. Uganda was in danger. Some strong western countries  started putting sanctions on Uganda over the same law.

However under the penal code act, homosexuality is criminalized therefore Kiiza will be charged under the penal code act of Uganda.

Source: www.mknewslink.com a western Uganda news website








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