By Balak Tukashaba

In  Rukungiri–

Traders in Rukungiri under their umbrella Rukungiri business community are blaming Rukungiri municipality authorities for failure to deliver to them services they need to develop their businesses though they are paying their taxes.

The traders argue that lack of security lights on streets is putting their
businesses on risk especially during the night their shops are closed.
Traders say their shops are broken by thieves every night thus
a hindrance to their businesses. ”The town is full of street kinds and
thieves yet the leaders are not minding about them” they said.
They also highlighted the challenge of emptying latrines during the
day, failure to introduce dust bins in town, stopping them from display
among others.
chairperson Rukungiri business community Robert Musimenta Sembule said that earlier on 27th September 2017 traders were called for
security meeting with Municipality authorities and RDC but it was
unfortunate when the town mayor and town clerk did not attend the meeting.
He adds that the town is always dirty since the authorities have failed to buy dust bins and they opt to call te business community to clean the town yet they are paying taxes.
When the reporter contacted the municipality leaders they said they don’t have money in their coffers but promised to buy the street lights in case they the money is available.

Resident district commission Mr. Martin Mugabe says the traders need to cooperate with their neighbors if they are to tighten security in
the town. ; a western Uganda news website

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