Product Features Product Description
Product Brand Name KYAPS Amiizi Supper Loan Product
Product Purpose To provide reliable water for agriculture and human Consumption. The loans would be used to buy a variety of water products including construction of tanks, shallow wells, dams and buying irrigation materials and other materials for water harnessing.
Product Objectives To increase the incomes of the members;

To improve hygiene standards in the homes of clients;

To reduce water borne diseases;

To reduce the burden of fetching water from distant places; a core performed by children and women especially during droughts;

To reduce domestic violence;

To provide water for irrigation

Summary of Product Description



Individual loans booked and managed by Clients with an income generating activity

Group and institutional loans to be provided.

Types of Clients Since the water provision might not be income generating. Loans will be extended to all clients engaged in the following activities:

– Trade

– Service industry

– Agribusiness

Client Eligibility Requirements


– 18-70 years

– Resident of the area for at least 2 years;

– Fully paid up member of KYAPS

– Good loan repayment and Savings track record

Repayment Capacity Requirements – 40% of monthly net income
Repayment Source requirements – Other household income

Loan Servicing

Client served by


– Credit officer
Client Assignment Operational zones
Clients per Loan Officer 250 – 350 clients
Reporting Requirements Weekly and monthly performance reports


Client Verification prior and during loan term – Business and homestead Inspection

– Cash flow analysis

– Assessment of other his/her needs for money

– Credit history

– Monitoring the business for clients

– Recovery reporting

Inspection – Business inspection costs met by the SACCO

– Client monitoring / business at least twice during loan term

Loan Approval

Loan Information requirements for approval – Letter of recommendation from LC Chairman

– Passport Photographs for the Client and spouse

– Letter of undertaking from the Guarantor

– National Identification Card

Conditions for approval – Minimum of five shares and Shares to loan ratio 14%

Of the amount to be borrowed;

– Filling of Loan Application form

– Have an account with the SACCO

– At least two guarantors

– Completion of other loans (if any) and if deemed necessary.

Loan Size – Ushs. 50,000 to 30,000,000 for individual;

– UShs. 100,000 to 50 million groups and institutions

Loan Processing Period – Maximum of one week
Loan Instalments – Not more than 40% of monthly Net Income
Loan term – 6-24 Months,
Grace Period None
Repayment/mode – Monthly for individuals,

– Termly / per semester for schools and institutions;

– It can also be set according to the cash flows of the client.

Loan Security

Collateral – A fixed asset which may be one of these; Land, Kibanja (plantations), Permanent Commercial or Residential Building (but not matrimonial home)

– Chattels with receipts;

– Vehicle/Motor Cycle Original Log books

Guarantees – Should have good financial status

– Two members of the SACCO can guarantee

– Should not have guaranteed a defaulter

Security Requirements


– Land Titles

– Purchase Agreements for Kibanja with LC Letter confirming ownership.

– Letter of undertaking by Guarantors

– LC letter confirming ownership


Interest Rate – 2 to 2.5 % per month
Interest rate calculation – Declining
Penalty Interest – Loan diversion Refund the loan within two months

– Loan default 7% of the interest charged on the instalment outstanding;

Loan application fees – Will be charged according to the amount of loan advanced as per KYAPS categories.

Loan commitment fee

– 2% on Loan Amount Approved and paid upfront

Loan Disbursement

Disbursement method – By transfer to the clients account with the SACCO
Disbursed by: – Branch Manager/ Authorised officer.
Loan renewal – On completion of previous loan.

– Also concurrent loans acceptable depending on the types

Incentives to good clients – Quick access to other loan products

– Progressive loans to the client

– Reduction of interest rate

Rescheduling and refinancing – Done by relevant committees as per the approval limits.
Loan documentation – Loan application Form

– Loan agreements

– Letters of undertaking by Guarantors

– Letters of Recommendation from LCs

– Repayment Schedule

– Spousal consent if applicable

– Acknowledgement of receipt

Promotion – Radio / Television Programmes;

– Brochures and flyers;

– By word of mouth;

– Launch the Amiizi Super loan Product;

– Short messages (SMS);

– Making a website for the SACCO;

– Using the product colour (Blue and white)

– Using product slogan Amiizi Super Loan




Product objectives

  • To increase the incomes of the members;
  • To improve hygiene standards in the homes of clients;
  • To reduce water borne diseases;
  • To reduce the on burden of fetching water from distant places; a core performed by children and women especially during droughts.
  • To reduce domestic violence.
  • To provide water for irrigation.


  • An applicant should be a member of KYAPS.
  • Filling of Loan Application form.
  • Minimum of five shares.
  • Can be run alongside another loan.
  • 50,000 to 30,000,000 for individual;
  • 100,000 to 50 million for groups and institutions
  • Loan repayment can be monthly, quarterly, termly / per semester basing on the cash flows for the applicant.
  • Three Guarantors including the spouse of the applicant if applicable should fill the forms.
  • The product will be offered to clients with income generating activities.
  • Loan period will be 6-24 Months.
  • Collateral security may be titled land, Kibanja, Permanent Commercial or Residential Building (but not matrimonial home), Chattels with receipts, Vehicle/Motor Cycle Original Log books.
  • The applicant and the guarantors should have good financial records if any.
  • The product will be offered at interest rates ranging from 2 to 2.5 % per month at reducing balance method.
  • For new members who would want a flat rate of interest will access the product at 2% per month but purchase 4% of the loan amount as shares and have a compulsory saving of 10% of the loan during the agreed loan period.


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